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About the BC Injury System

We see and hear about it every day. Somebody is hurt in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). They report to the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC). ICBC takes a statement and before you know it, the insurance company takes conduct of the case.

What's not right about ICBC having conduct of your claim? They are NOT on your side.

Yes, they may be your insurers ... but guess what? They also very likely insure the person responsible for your traffic accident. In fact, ICBC has an obligation to minimize your compensation as the other driver's insurer.

Result: If you give the insurance company conduct of your case by not hiring a personal injury lawyer, you give control of your compensation to the organization that has an obligation to protect the at-fault driver.


Do NOT Put ICBC in the Driver's Seat of Your Injury Claim

The easiest way to not give ICBC conduct and full control over you compensation is to find an injury attorney whose sole obligation and responsibility is ensuring that you receive full and fair compensation. When you hire our firm, we don't act for the at-fault driver. We don't insure the at-fault driver. We work only for you. It's important you have legal representation who makes it their primary purpose to act for you - negotiate, mediate and if necessary, litigate so that your rights are protected. The fact is that the process is a legal process involving courts. It's not an ICBC process - they're only the insurance company - not the decision-makers of your case.

Ways we can help you and your claim

Our ICBC lawyers with you for a free consultation. You have no obligation to retain our legal service. Ask us all the questions you like. This is a great way to get informed about the ICBC injury claim process.
If it's more convenient for you, we can conduct free consultations on the telephone, in your home or another location that works best for you. Evening and weekend consultations also available upon request.

If you hire us ...

  • and you don't recover fully, we engage medical specialists to investigate your injuries. These are experts you likely won't gain access to via healthcare.
  • and you need help with treatment related to your traffic accident injuries, we can help pay for that treatment.
  • we explain each step of the claim process so you're not left wondering what's going on.
  • we notify ICBC that they are no longer to contact you and that we have full conduct of your claim ... not ICBC.
  • we take full control of collecting your documents. Did you sign authorizations for ICBC so they can collect your employment file and medical documents? If so, we'll get those authorizations revoked.
  • We assess your claim in its entirety, including any future losses based on what the Courts award ... not on what ICBC awards.

Part of our job, especially when your injuries don't heal is to have you assessed by medical specialists. We are thorough in ensuring our clients receive a careful and thorough assessment by the best doctors.

The following is a video of a medical assessment of the cervical spine (neck).

Doctors and treatment providers are important in your case. We're not doctors, but we communicate regularly with your doctors and in some cases will book you for what are called independent medical examinations with leading and top specialists. We then ask for reports as to their findings. It's with this information that we assess your total claim for compensation.

Talk to us before it's too late ... especially if you signed authorizations so that ICBC has full access to your employment file and medical files.